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Alastair Thompson

words & music

Hi! I do things with music, images, words, history. Delighted to make your acquaintance.

What, you ask, is a short octave?
Words & People

I enjoy both the precision & the poetry of the written word. After a BA in medieval studies & graduate coursework in early modern studies, I continue to use disciplined, scholarly habits of mind, tempered by years of working in customer service, research, & nonprofit administration, to convey ideas clearly, exactly, & with polish.

Music & Art

I've spent many years enjoying a passionate interest in early modern music & theater, branching outward from the church & courtly canon to a variety of forms of folk music. While virtually all of my experience is in styles of music as practiced in western Europe, I have broad tastes & a commitment to using whatever platform or abilities I have to demolish racist & imperialist structures.


In addition to performing as a harpsichordist, I have also been a dancer, actor, visual artist, & embroiderer.

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